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Muhlbauer Group will participate in The 5th RFID Exhibition 2013

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2013 Asia Smart Card and RFID Technologies Exhibition & Trade Show will be held at Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center On August 15 to August 17, 2013. Mühlbauer Group will participate in this Exhibition. It is a second excellent appearance since Mühlbauer stationed in wuxi new district.

According to reports, Mühlbauer Group is going to invest in factories in China, after signed a contract with wuxi government. Mühlbauer Group said that they are bring core precision machining technology to China. They believe that support and service will go up to a better level for china customer after factory is up and running.

Mühlbauer Group was founded in 1981, and become a major Intelligence Identification technology equipment manufacturers after 32 years development. Now it's listed on the stock market in Germany.

With nearly 2,000 employees, technology centers in Germany, Malaysia, the U.S. and Slovakia, and a worldwide sales and service network, Mühlbauer is the world’s market leader in innovative systems and software solutions for the production and personalization of cards, passports and RFID applications.

In the field of intelligent Identification, more than 60% of Security Intelligent Identification scheme is provided by Mühlbauer Group in all the world. More than 5000 sets of high-tech equipment is widely distributed throughout the world, five continents.

2013 Asia Smart Card and RFID Technologies Exhibition & Trade Show is the most important showcase and trading platform for RFID technologies, RFID tag/reader/middleware manufacturing & development, NFC, short range communication, wireless sensor network, and their application in automation, logistic, anti-counterfeit, asset management, fashion, library, smart home, digital city, environmental monitoring and etc. Since its first event held successfully in 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012 the scale of this expo has expanded fast with its influence far reaching. As the most important exhibition in RFID and Smart Card, it concentrates a great deal of the latest technologies, R&D results and products in the world of RFID industry.

You can visit the online introduction of the expo at for more information.

Source: rfidglobal

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